HiDow AcuBelt TENS Unit Belt

HiDow AcuBelt TENS Unit Belt

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The IQ Massager Acu-Belt is the Original, Patented, Adjustable Elastic Lumbar Belt That Relieves Back Pain with Gentle Acupressure.

The IQ Massager Acu-Belt elastic lumbar belt provides non-surgical relief of acute and chronic back pain and sciatica for men and women through application of Asian acupressure principles. Eight scientifically-placed dome-shaped buttons inside the Acu-Belt align with your body’s acupressure points and apply gentle, continuous pressure to relieve even severe back pain. Dr. Alf Nachamson, the well-known pioneer of studies on spinal disc pressures, states “circumferential compression of the mid-back area causes significant reduction of lumbar disc pressure.” Acu-Belt is designed for use when traveling by car or plane, during and after workouts and sports activity, while sitting for long periods and at night for extra support. It was invented by Dr. Daniel Choy, a well-respected New York surgeon and inventor of PLDD, the procedure pioneering the use of lasers on herniated spinal discs.


  • FDA approved & clinically tested
  • Light-weight & non-bulky
  • Easy to adjust using hook & loop straps
  • Works over or under clothing
  • Washable & durable


Find the point of your lowest rib on each side of your back. Wrap your HiDow AcuBelt around your waist with the top row of buttons at those points on your back. The dome-shaped buttons should be evenly positioned on either side of your spine. Fasten your AcuBelt in front using the hook & loop straps.


  • 1 AcuBelt
  • 1 electrode wire
  • 2 adjustable velcro straps

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